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The British Language Institute is a private professional development centre based in Douala registered under law No. 0141/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SADC of 13 August 2010. BLI was created by British teachers and their Cameroonian colleagues, then working at the British Council Douala in August 2010 following the announcement of the closures of the British Council Teachings centres in Cameroon. 

We provide general, professional and specific English courses to companies and individuals ranging from the elementary level to higher levels. We work in the identification of training needs and in the development of training programs which are consistent with the expectations of our clients.

Below is a summary description of our services

Our products 

Language Training:

General English For Adults 

Business and Professional English

(Lessons reserved for homogeneous groups) 

From Starter - Advanced From Pre intermediate -  Advanced 
General English for Young learners (06-16 years) Exams preparation (Lessons reserved for IELTS & TOEFL candidates)

From Starter - Advanced


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Immigration & student placement:

Immigration to Canada as a qualified federal worker, Quebec qualified worker

Study permit into various higher institutes of learning in Canada, UK, Germany & USA 

Summer Camps in Toronto Canada and in the United Kingdom 

Translation & interpretation:

The translation and interpretation services of BLI was established as a response to the language gaps between employers & employees, seminar facilitators & their audiences, educators & students etc

Exams Services:

The British language Institute is an accredited international exams centre with facilities to accommodate both paper base and online exams. 

Every year, more than one thousand people take international exams with help from the British Language Institute. Students and professionals gain qualifications that can open doors at leading academic institutions and improve their employment prospects around the world.


At BLI we are encouraging community use within our premises. We have a great range of spaces available for activities like: Educational Pursuits, School Events, Seminars, training etc. 

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